The Artist Advisory is the first to offer advice to artists.

In a world where collectors, curators, dealers, and consultants have their own agendas - we are here to provide honest answers to artists, who are the true backbone of the art world.


Practical Advice


  • organize your studio

  • what to include on your website

  • display/present your work

  • ship & pack your work

  • publish books about your work

  • apply for residencies, grants

  • market yourself online

  • respond to collectors and dealers

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Conceptual Advice

How to

  • write an effective artist statement

  • formulate new project ideas

  • pinpoint your artistic intentions

  • get in line with your intentions

  • get out of a rut & make more work

  • start feeling like a wealthy artist

  • get rid of imposter syndrome

  • make sellable work without selling out

The Artist Advisory is the first to offer honest answers to artists.


The landscape of the art world is changing.

Collectors are visiting exhibitions less, gallerists are selling work outside the gallery space - online or when at lunch with collectors, and rents are rising. Some galleries take on many artists to stay afloat and are unable to provide undivided attention and individual guidance to their artists like they once did. Other galleries are closing and more artists are branching out on their own. The rise of social media and other online platforms is offering a vehicle for artists to communicate directly to the world.

Artists need advice and guidance now more than ever. This is where the artist advisory comes in. We offer honest answers to artists. We will help you choose the art consultants, curators, dealers, or gallerists. And yes, Artist, you choose because you are the backbone of the art world!


We work with fine artists of all disciplines. We do not represent or manage artists.

Marina Press Granger has nearly 15 years of experience working in the New York City art world. She holds a master’s degree in Art History and a special place in her heart for artists. She has curated independently and contributed to various publications.

Marina commenced her journey in the art world in in 2003. She continued to flourish and bloomed into a gallery director shortly after. Along the way, she stopped to smell the flowers as a museum employee - oscillating between their distinguished bookstore and the exhibitions department.

Her work has brought her in close contact with a plethora of players in the art world; artists, collectors, curators, dealers, and consultants. It is her advice and experience that she wishes to share with you.

from the artists…

Alannah Farrell

IG: @alannahhhxx

Working with Marina renewed my confidence as a professional artist. She gave me much-needed clarity about the options I have and the next steps to take in furthering my career. Not only is she an expert at navigating the art world on all levels — emerging, mid-career and seasoned artists alike — but she truly listens and envisions a unique path for the specific goals and challenges of the individual. She is easy to talk to and warm, all while maintaining a directness with her abundance of knowledge. And if you don’t catch all of the amazing advice she gives during your meeting with her, she sends a comprehensible recap email, an invaluable bonus.  

I feel lucky to work with Marina. As someone who has lived their entire adult life in NYC and worked with many different people in the art world, I have not met anyone who comes close to Marina’s level of professionalism, knowledge, and individually-catered advice. Her services would be an extreme asset to any artist who plans to make a life-long career of their work.

Joseph Brock

painter and composer
IG: @joseph_brock

Marina is quite knowledgeable and offered invaluable input on my work and strategy for paths ahead. She has a wonderful and unique enthusiasm to help artists which really shines through.

Erica Prince

ceramic, performance and installation artist
IG: @princeerica

Marina listening attentively while I told her my life story. Then, she mustered an alchemical miracle. Like the perfect combination of therapist and business coach, she tactfully summarized my struggles to their essence. She transformed the dark complicated mass into one crystal clear nugget that I could hold gently in my brainspace.

Thomas Sarvello


IG: @blackcoffee_ftw

Marina at The Artist Advisory’s intimate experience in fine art lends great insider knowledge for artists looking to expand their careers. Whether it be what they are doing wrong on their business side, or what their blind spots or inefficiencies are (time, resources, etc), and even just telling one they are on the right track and to just keep focus. The advise and intimate personal touches are invaluable. 

Grant Cutler

composer, sound and installation artist  
IG: @grantcutler

Marina is smart, confident, insightful and smoothly translates her skills into inspired problem solving and artistic inspiration. She helped me find new approaches to outreach, fundraising, and partnerships. When I was feeling stuck, Marina really helped me move forward.