Welcome to the Artist Advisory [Quarterly Experience]!

Make me your mentor: With 15 years of experience in the art world including gallery directing and curation, plus a masters degree in art history, you can count on my expertise to keep you on your toes.

Get support whenever and wherever you need it: Weekly meetings, in-person chats, plus resource emails on demand. Just reach out!

Reach your goals faster, better, smarter: Private coaching on your schedule to see your wildest dreams through from square 1 to square done.

How [The Quarterly Experience] works:


During your three month mentorship, you have access to 30 hours of session time available with me. If you need more hours, it is an additional $50/session. Unused hours expire after the three month mentorship period ends.

In general, we’ll meet once a week for a session over voice or video chat using Zoom. Each session will also be available to download for your reference. In-person meet-ups are also available at any of the Soho House locations NYC (Summer poolside session, anyone?).

Email Support

I'm here to answer questions over email twice a day (morning and evening), Monday - Friday. If you need anything over the weekend, just shoot me a text and I will respond at my earliest convenience. It’s The Artist Advisory, on demand.


*Your card will be charged $3,500 today

full price is 5k

*Your card will be charged $1,200 today, and then billed monthly for 2 additional payments of $1,200

Taking on clients in small numbers means I can provide the absolute best level of support to you all, but it also guarantees that my openings fill up fast! This is my first round of quarterly contracts, and I only have two spots left. Sign up soon! After this round, my next openings will be in December and the cost will go up by $2000.

If you wish to proceed but want to start September 1, there is a $500 deposit to secure your spot. You may pay your deposit directly via Paypal here.