New Video: Not Working and Networking!

There’s only one letter difference between networking and not working.

Let’s talk about the relationship between the two. Sometimes you have to not work so that you can successfully network.

Sometimes it’s okay to take the time and not work. You need that time to develop:

  • Your personality

  • Your intention

  • Your brand


So, take the time to not work. Go shopping - pick out outfits that make you feel good! Journal in the park - find your intention. Spend a day doing the things you love - going to museums or getting ice cream or sitting by the lake. Go to the beach or to your favorite cafe. 

Reset so that you are in a stress free zone. When you are stress free you will get the best ideas so you’re not operating out of scarcity and lack or fear. 

Nothing good ever came from fear….well not in this millennium at least! We survived as a species because we were so good at operating out of fear. We made sure to protect ourselves from predators and to store enough food to last us until the next hunt or harvest. But, we do not live in this type of predicament anymore.

So, how does this relate to networking? Well, when you’re networking and you’ve given someone your elevator pitch - don’t you want to make a personal connection? How else will you make a personal connection if you’re stuck in the studio all day? Talk to them like they’re you’re friend. Spark a personal conversation and make yourself memorable by creating a genuine personal connection that will support the budding professional relationship you are creating!

Marina G.