All About YOU: Your Website’s About Page

Let’s talk about YOU! I want to go over one vital aspect of your website - your ABOUT page. What should be on it? Think about the three V’s - because it’s a VERY important part of your website. They are:

  1. Visual - Intrigue your website visitor with an image of you working in your studio! You can even do a video if you like! Show them who you are. 

  2. Verbal - Here is where you tell the world who you are. Write two paragraphs in the third person. The first should be a sort of elevator pitch about your work. Think of it as the lens through which we view your work. The second paragraph should be all about your credentials. Write down where you went to school, what awards you received, the notable galleries/museums where you exhibited your work, and if your work is in any major collections. Also, it is good to know where you live and work for those looking to do a studio visit or consign work from you for an exhibition. 

  3. Vitae, Curriculum Vitae - You should also have a link to your C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) that gives us a comprehensive list of all you have accomplished! You can download a template here

After you’re done fine tuning your about page - read a little bit about me! I did a really fun interview with The Art Gorgeous recently.

Marina G.