How to Make an Invoice

Hello Artist!

Congratulations on making that sale!!!

Once you have sold your work, you’re going to need to collect the funds for it. So, here’s a quick video explaining what goes into sending an invoice. There’s no use in shipping or releasing your work to your collector before being paid. If you bought an outfit at a store, you’d pay for it before wearing it, right? Same goes for your artwork.

When you send your invoice enclose it with a note, via email or snail mail, that reads something like this:

Dear Collector,

I am so delighted that you acquired “Title of the Artwork”. Enclosed/ Attached is the invoice. Please let me know once you have sent the payment and I will send/release the artwork.


Click here to download an invoice template. Be sure to update all the information; your name and contact info, your logo (this is optional), your collector’s name and contact info, the date, the invoice number, description(s) of the artwork(s), price(s), sales tax information, shipping information, and the grand total. Don’t forget to also update the Terms of the Sale - on the bottom of the invoice. This is where you explain when you need to be paid and how.

Comment below if you have any questions!