New Video: Not Working and Networking!

There’s only one letter difference between networking and not working.

Let’s talk about the relationship between the two. Sometimes you have to not work so that you can successfully network.

Sometimes it’s okay to take the time and not work. You need that time to develop:

  • Your personality

  • Your intention

  • Your brand


So, take the time to not work. Go shopping - pick out outfits that make you feel good! Journal in the park - find your intention. Spend a day doing the things you love - going to museums or getting ice cream or sitting by the lake. Go to the beach or to your favorite cafe. 

Reset so that you are in a stress free zone. When you are stress free you will get the best ideas so you’re not operating out of scarcity and lack or fear. 

Nothing good ever came from fear….well not in this millennium at least! We survived as a species because we were so good at operating out of fear. We made sure to protect ourselves from predators and to store enough food to last us until the next hunt or harvest. But, we do not live in this type of predicament anymore.

So, how does this relate to networking? Well, when you’re networking and you’ve given someone your elevator pitch - don’t you want to make a personal connection? How else will you make a personal connection if you’re stuck in the studio all day? Talk to them like they’re you’re friend. Spark a personal conversation and make yourself memorable by creating a genuine personal connection that will support the budding professional relationship you are creating!

Marina G.

All About YOU: Your Website’s About Page

Let’s talk about YOU! I want to go over one vital aspect of your website - your ABOUT page. What should be on it? Think about the three V’s - because it’s a VERY important part of your website. They are:

  1. Visual - Intrigue your website visitor with an image of you working in your studio! You can even do a video if you like! Show them who you are. 

  2. Verbal - Here is where you tell the world who you are. Write two paragraphs in the third person. The first should be a sort of elevator pitch about your work. Think of it as the lens through which we view your work. The second paragraph should be all about your credentials. Write down where you went to school, what awards you received, the notable galleries/museums where you exhibited your work, and if your work is in any major collections. Also, it is good to know where you live and work for those looking to do a studio visit or consign work from you for an exhibition. 

  3. Vitae, Curriculum Vitae - You should also have a link to your C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) that gives us a comprehensive list of all you have accomplished! You can download a template here

After you’re done fine tuning your about page - read a little bit about me! I did a really fun interview with The Art Gorgeous recently.

Marina G.

PODCAST: Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 11.21.50 AM.png

Hello Artists!!!

Wow! Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit! She really does! It was so much fun talking to her on her podcast. Give it a listen. I really try to speak about how artists can meet collectors but I can’t stop speaking about everything else.


Disclaimer: We speak about a “portfolio review” option I offered for $50. I no longer offer this service. You know, it’s kind of impossible to only speak for a half hour about any project. Also, my prices are getting bumped up soon…but, not too high. You can still take advantage of all the promo code I mention in this episode.

Get those emails!

Hello Artists!

Have you ever been so excited to finish a work of art that you wanted everyone to see it instantly? Have you been so excited to announce that you’ve been accepted into a group show? What is you have a solo exhibition coming up? How about that write up of your work in a major publication? Well, you can tell everyone you’ve got it happening if you have their email!

It’s so important to get everyone’s emails! The best way to do that is to have a subscribe button on your website or a lightbox pop-up, like I have on my website, asking for visitor’s emails. Once people willingly sign up you know they want to hear from you about what is going on! So, send them a note every time you:

  1. Finish a work of art. Include a photo of yourself in your studio with the work of art. Or, just include a photo of the work of art.

  2. Your work is included in a group exhibition. Send the dates and reception information out so people can go see it! You may want to include a detail of the work that is being shown in the exhibition so that the real unveiling will be at the exhibition (or at least after it opens).

  3. Your work is included in a solo exhibition. Announce it to the world! Send an proper invitation in the email. Add a link to the gallery/institution that you will be showing your work at so that any possible collectors will be able to contact them directly.

  4. Your work has been included in a publication or periodical! Send a copy of the article or a link to it! Feel free to be creative and make a cute photo of it!

  5. You have been accepted into a residency or have been given a grant! Announce it to the world!

  6. Anytime you have achieved something you want to tell THE WORLD about! Whether it is a new set of prints that are now available in your e-store, a public art commission, a meeting with one of your favorite artists, anything!

But, most importantly, net neutrality is still up in the air. This means that free access to your favorite social media sites is in jeopardy. You may find yourself having to pay $5/month for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it! Be sure you that you are ahead of the game by collecting emails of everyone you know on social media platforms so that you can be in touch in any case. Get direct!

Questions? Comments? I look forward to hearing from you!


How to Make an Invoice

Hello Artist!

Congratulations on making that sale!!!

Once you have sold your work, you’re going to need to collect the funds for it. So, here’s a quick video explaining what goes into sending an invoice. There’s no use in shipping or releasing your work to your collector before being paid. If you bought an outfit at a store, you’d pay for it before wearing it, right? Same goes for your artwork.

When you send your invoice enclose it with a note, via email or snail mail, that reads something like this:

Dear Collector,

I am so delighted that you acquired “Title of the Artwork”. Enclosed/ Attached is the invoice. Please let me know once you have sent the payment and I will send/release the artwork.


Click here to download an invoice template. Be sure to update all the information; your name and contact info, your logo (this is optional), your collector’s name and contact info, the date, the invoice number, description(s) of the artwork(s), price(s), sales tax information, shipping information, and the grand total. Don’t forget to also update the Terms of the Sale - on the bottom of the invoice. This is where you explain when you need to be paid and how.

Comment below if you have any questions!